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Fall = football, and around the country people are cheering on their favorite teams! From your kiddo’s pee-wee games to Friday night lights, weekends dedicated to your alma mater or favorite pro team, football is in full swing. And with each game, anticipation builds to find out who is the “Best.”

As you tune into college football games, the focus is on the road to the playoffs and eventual National Championship. In the coming months, teams will start to separate themselves from the rest and players shine as favorites for post-season accolades, including the All-American Team. The National Championship game represents the best TEAMS in the nation, and the All-American Team represents the best PLAYERS at their respective positions in the nation. Every year when the Championship game is played and All-Americans are announced, I’ve wondered who would win a football game between the College National Champion and a team of All-Americans?  

The National Champion winner does not necessarily have the best players at every position. They will, of course, have some elite players and an entire roster that’s above average.  As a TEAM, they have proven to be a successful, powerful, cohesive unit. They are a successful TEAM because they have:

  • Very competent and motivated personnel (Players),
  • Policies and procedures (PlayBook/Processes), and
  • Experience working together as a unit (Practices and Games)

3 Ps

The All-American Team has, arguably, the best players in the nation at their respective positions, yet they have not played together prior to the week of the game (OK – give them two weeks before the game). They are all successful PLAYERS. However, they have not worked as a TEAM. I believe the All-American team would not be as successful as the National Champions because:

  • Lack of similar procedures - They are seeing their Policies and Procedures (PlayBook) for the first time. There will be a learning curve in understanding the nomenclature and technique needed to be successful.
  • Lack of TEAM chemistry - The Players are all very competent. However, wearing the same uniform does not make you a TEAM. Building a bond and having a reason to be motivated in a “one-and-done” football game is extremely challenging.
  • Lack of cohesion - The players have little or no experience working together as a cohesive unit. Pass blocking on the line can be challenging when you don’t know how the person next to you will react to a certain pass rush. Likewise, a quarterback and a receiver may read defensive coverages differently causing them to expect different routes to be run.

Football is a TEAM sport.  Both the National Champions and the All-American players are formidable and could be successful. However, it’s hard for me to believe that the All-Americans would be successful in beating the National Champions in a one-game series. Working as a unit allows a team with less than superior personnel to overcome a team with superior personnel that doesn’t work (or hasn’t worked) as a cohesive unit.

Is your project taking the advantage of the best TEAM?

When utilizing an integrated services model on your project, you get the benefit of:

  • Very competent and motivated personnel (People),
  • Policies and procedures (Processes), and
  • Experience working together as a unit (Practices and Games)

At Percheron, we know how to work as a cohesive unit:

  • Our Team:
    • Land – Land services are a big part of our 36-year legacy. Our team has acquired Tens of thousands of miles of pipeline and utility line ROW, titled and leased millions of acres for oil and gas exploration and production, and secured thousands of acres of solar/wind easements.
    • Engineering – With Professional Engineering Licenses in 37 states, our team has experience working on pipeline systems and appurtenant facilities throughout the United States.
    • Survey/GIS – Our team is staffed with PLS’s licensed in 30 states. We use the latest drone and survey technologies; this department remains on the cutting edge of technology.
    • Environmental – Our team is comprised of both office and field personnel that have experience in wetland delineations, threatened and endangered species studies, and archaeological investigations throughout the United States.
    • Title – Our title team is an industry leader, we utilize a centralized office approach and work closely with Land to deliver an outstanding Limited Title Certificate and Runsheet.  


  • Our Tools:

Percheron utilizes reliable software packages for data collection, calculations and designs, project and document controls, project deliverable tracking, and reporting. The goal is to put the right package together to produce optimum data collection, calculations, project tracking, and project reporting. These software packages include:

    • CityVerse: A flexible web-based database that allows users to assign tasks, manage workflows, and automate document generation. Paired with GRID, our proprietary ArcGIS viewer, you get real-time information and transparency on your project.
    • OMEGA PIMS: A fully integrated project controls system that includes Cost Management (estimating, change management, progress tracking, etc) and Document Control (document management, collaboration, project closeout, etc).
    • BlueSky Software: With four BlueSky certified personnel, Percheron has the capability of creating accurate alignment sheets with a Microsoft Access Database to accelerate workflow and make alterations faster.
    • PIVVOT: PIVVOT software has real-time environmental, engineering, land ownership, and jurisdictional databases that allow linear routing to minimize impacts on the environment while optimizing project cost and schedule.

By working together and using the tools available, Percheron has become a formidable partner that supports our clients and their projects. We call tailoring the team size, skill sets, the selection of tools, and reporting mechanisms “right-sizing”. We have learned how to work together and with our clients to form a great TEAM. By selecting the best processes and tools allows the TEAM to optimize a great game plan to complete the project on time and within budget. 

Each individual service line absolutely has the ability to perform very well working with other consultants. However, with our Very Competent and Motivated Personnel, internal Policies and Procedures, and Experience Working Together as a Unit, the Percheron TEAM is tough to beat.

KC Bio ImageWritten By: KC Yost, Vice President - Engineering | Percheron

KC Yost has over 44 years of experience working in the pipeline industry and holds his Professional Engineering license in 29 states. He received his BSCE from West Virginia University and MBA from the University of Houston; he has worked on projects in 24 states and 6 countries on 4 continents and has managed departments of over 300 engineers and technical staff. KC and his wife, Dana, enjoy RV’ing and spending time with their 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

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