Katy, Texas – October 7, 2016 – Percheron lost a friend and mentor this summer when Alan Wurtz, SR/WA, President of Percheron’s Field Services Group, passed away on July 19. Mr. Wurtz had a long and successful career in the land and right-of-way business, and he was instrumental in building the Percheron brand. While his personality and wisdom will never be replicated, his desire to provide clients with experienced, cost-effective solutions remains at the heart of all company decisions.

And it is that same vision that guides the company’s latest decision to restructure in the face of lower oil prices. “Change is never easy, but we had come to a crossroads,” said Trent Oglesby, CEO of Percheron. “Not only did Alan’s passing leave Percheron with decisions to be made, but we’ve heard our clients and are responding to the market’s need for cost savings without sacrificing quality.”

The company’s new management structure includes:

Oglesby said the new structure is a direct response to an environment where E&P and pipeline companies are cutting costs to remain profitable, yet still need qualified people and proven processes to achieve their desired result. “We are adapting to their needs and are proving that we can deliver through a streamlined and more focused internal approach,” said Oglesby. “As Alan Wurtz used to say, ‘from the drill bit to the burner tip – that’s where we fit in the energy cycle’ – and under Percheron’s new structure, clients can expect that ‘bit-to-tip’ expertise to be as accurate and cost-effective as ever.”

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Percheron, LLC is the only fully integrated land services company in the United States that provides the energy and public sectors with Title Research, Acquisitions and Surveying. Percheron, LLC was formed out of the merger of leading land services companies Mason Dixon Energy, OGM Land Company, Percheron Acquisitions and Percheron Surveying. For more information, contact:

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