Site Selection Got You Stalled?


How often do you find your project stalling while you search for just the right surface site location?  Are you wasting time and money endlessly pursuing the perfect location without having the right tools to find it?

You know the surface area of interest must meet specific land parameters (even down to the percentage of the slope), but you find yourself wondering if gathering that type of data is even possible while keeping in mind other known variables – specific acreage, exact elevation, free from flooding – the list goes on…


What if?


Three easy steps to stop stalling:

1. Analyze the criteria received from the client

All great problem solving begins with listening. Once the Area of Interest (AOI) is determined by the client, our project manager and GIS manager are available to meet with the client and learn about the exact surface site needed for the project.  Our GIS team then analyzes each criterion to better understand the parameters for the surface location.  From the exact acreage needed to the precise terrain desired, our team notes every detail and begins using our GIS software to scour the AOI for the perfect project surface site.

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2. Use cutting edge GIS software

Our in-house GIS department, utilizing industry-leading ESRI ArcGIS, software has the tools and expertise to perform the analysis and provide a visual representation of what surface tracts are ideal for site selection. Once every parameter of the surface site location is understood, our GIS team starts by obtaining elevation data by utilizing the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the United States Geological Survey which is then clipped to the AOI. Parcel data from the respective county is also clipped to the AOI. This information provides Percheron GIS with a 3D model and makes up our initial raster.

DEM_ColorizedImage of Colorized DEM by Elevation


Once the clipped DEM is created, we transform the raster and place it in its proper local projection, enabling us to obtain accurate measured values of each criterion. At this point, we add in all of the criteria that are crucial to our client’s needed surface site.  Then we take our evaluation one step further – we convert the raster format to a vector format, which enables us to run geoprocessing tools on the same data types.  We also pull data from various trusted government sources.
ReclassifiedRaster grey

Image of Reclassified 2D Raster


Now, it’s time to produce our report and map, providing a clear, concise picture of the suitable locations for the client’s surface site.  We are also happy to schedule meetings to go over the outcome of our search, ensuring that the client has a full understanding of each possible surface site location presented on the map.  It’s our goal to help you make the best decision for your project.


Image of Vectorized Raster Intersected with Parcel Polygons


3. Coordinate with our Land Team

Once the technical work is completed by GIS, our Land team is available to evaluate the map and apply its working knowledge of the area.  As a nationwide company, our Land team has vast experience working with landowners in different parts of the country.  We can use our existing relationships with landowners to provide insight as to which landowners might be agreeable to having a surface site on their property.

With Land’s insight and GIS’ detailed map and report, the client can pick which location best meets their surface site needs.  And, don’t forget – when your surface site is selected, Percheron’s full-service Survey and UAV Departments are prepared to take your surface location project into the design phase and all the way through as-built completion.

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If Percheron’s GIS team can prevent your project from stalling and smoothly help you find your next surface site, please feel free to reach out by giving us a call at 832-300-6400 or email, Brandon Showers, personally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Nicholas Holub

Written by Brandon Showers, GIS Manager | Percheron

Brandon has been with Percheron for the past twelve years. He started his career at one of the original merging companies of Percheron, OGM Land, as a seismic negotiator. Through his tenure in the industry, Brandon has expanded his working knowledge and experience by working on countless ROW projects within both the private and public sectors Percheron serves. As the GIS Manager, he not only enjoys providing GIS insight to clients but also leading the strong group of GIS specialists within his department. Brandon is currently a member of the Petroleum Users Group (PUG) and Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC).  In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife, 1-year old son and 6-year-old daughter.

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