Now more than ever, companies are looking for service providers that help them save money without sacrificing quality. That’s why Percheron completes all of your project needs with no extra expenses. We manage your title in the most efficient way possible, utilizing online resources to save our clients additional field costs such as per diem and mileage.

When online resources are not available, Percheron strives to hire locally, giving familiarity to the project area and capitalizing on project savings to the client. All title packages are reviewed through our centralized corporate office in Katy, TX, providing consistency on all project deliverables across the country. Because of our centralized approach, we remove all field-related expenses (such as per diem and mileage) from our in-house title agents’ rates, which allows our clients to see cost savings of up to 30%.

Through the use of online and local resources, Percheron can ramp up projects quickly and identify key stakeholders early in the process, without additional costs for mobilization. We provide project kick-off meetings specific to title to address key project needs and state laws for the particular project area. Because of our in-house setting, we are able to easily transition title agents off and on projects as needed by the client.

Our industry-certified agents bring focused expertise in title with a wide range of project experience. They regularly complete title courses taught by seasoned experts to develop their skill sets further.  We create efficiencies by applying a standardized approach to all title projects while adapting to the specific limitations and requirements of each county.  These efficiencies shave days off the project schedule and can equate to substantial savings.

Due to our unique in-house setting, we are also able to offer our clients alternative pricing schemes: (1) time and materials or (2) per parcel pricing.         

Percheron is always open to performing title work under either pricing scheme.  While a time and materials approach provides a usual and customary way of requesting title work, we believe that per parcel pricing will streamline the way title work is ordered, performed and delivered while eliminating budget risks.  Under per parcel pricing, we also may be able to offer additional discounts when a high volume of title work is ordered.

Services include:

  • Limited Title Certificates
  • Surface Title Research
  • Chain of Title Preparation
  • Production Research
  • Title Document Management
  • Title File Review/Assimilation and Data Entry
  • Project Management
  • Title Curative
  • Title Support for Eminent Domain

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