What We Do

UAV Inspection

Successful surveying projects depend on accuracy, consistency and reliable results. Percheron is one of the few names in the field that has the capabilities to make it happen.  Our team of licensed sUAS pilots can provide the most economical option for your inspection and surveying services to give you complete insight into your facilities, pipelines, electric transmission lines or roadways.  UAV systems fly lower and employ higher resolution cameras for video and images than traditional aerial options.  For close-up inspections and surveys of fixed assets such as power and electrical infrastructure, cell towers, and facilities, Percheron's UAV team can provide detailed calculations data, faster and safer than traditional methods.  

Percheron's pilots can provide:

  • Base mapping for GIS
  • Route Selection
  • Pre-construction corridor assessments
  • Conustruction progess 
  • Wireless infastructure inspection
  • Cell tower mapping and inspection
  • Emergency repsonse assessment 
  • Vegetation management 
  • Bridge inspection
  • Civil infastructure condition assessment 
  • ROW pipeline inspection
  • Thermal inspection
  • Environmental studies
  • Leak and Failure Detection 
  • Large tank conditions and volume calculations